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Digital Education Action Plan – Action 8

Updating the European Digital Competence Framework to include artificial intelligence and data-related skills

Citizens need to acquire a basic understanding of new and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), to be able to engage confidently, critically and safely with them.

Greater awareness will also lead to improved sensibility towards potential issues related to emerging technologies concerning ethics, environmental sustainability, data protection and e-privacy, children’s rights, discrimination and bias – including gender bias and disabilities, ethnic and racial discrimination.

Every European, including students, jobseekers and workers, will need to be digitally skilled to adapt to new and emerging technologies and to thrive in rapidly evolving societies.

Education and training professionals in all sectors and at all levels need to be equipped with the required competencies and confidence to effectively apply a wide range of technologies, including AI, in their work.


The European Commission has updated the Digital Competence Framework (DigComp 2.2) to include skills, knowledge and attitudes related to AI and the use of data. The Commission will also support the development of AI learning resources for education and training.

The DigComp 2.2 update now includes an appendix with more than 70 examples that can help citizens to better understand where and in which situations in their everyday life they can expect to encounter AI systems. It also gives practical examples of the ways emerging technologies are applied in our everyday lives.

The goal is to empower all citizens to become confident, critical and responsible users of digital technologies driven by AI systems and autonomous decision-making, as well as to improve their understanding of AI, its potential and limitations.

Key activities


  • started work with the experts and stakeholders of DigComp Community of Practice for the exchange of materials, discussion in working groups, the sharing of resources and communicating the latest developments concerning theories behind and the implementation of digital education
  • collected, created, reviewed and selected examples of knowledge, skills and attitudes related to emerging digital technologies and services, which make up  dimension 4 of the framework
  • organised two international online meetings in which participants agreed upon the skills, knowledge and attitudes related to AI and data literacy included in DigComp 2.2  



  • publication of the DigComp 2.2 Digital Competence Framework


This action is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme.

More information

For more information, visit the DigComp website and join the Community of Practice to support the further development of the Digital Competence Framework.

You can also check the DigComp DigComp factsheet, brochure and video for more information.

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