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Published:  23 Sep 2021

Network of National Advisory Services for digital education

Digital Education Hub's network of National Advisory Services

What is a National Advisory Service? 

A National Advisory Service (NAS) is an organisation responsible for coordinating or advising on the implementation of digital education policy. 

They carry out, monitor, evaluate and fund digital education activities. They also support education and training organisations in their digital transformation and help regional and local governments in the implementation of related policies. 

All NASs focus on operational elements regarding the execution of digital education policies, but vary in form and size. A NAS may be focused on one sector or be cross-sectoral in nature, regional or national in focus, part of a government ministry or an agency or independent. 

NASs cover a range of topics, from developing internet connectivity to media literacy and the professional development of teachers. 

What will the network of National Advisory Services do?

Bridging the work of practitioners and policy-makers, the network will bring together, in a voluntary way, existing bodies and organisations that are involved in the implementation of digital education. 

It will operate across sectors, foster peer exchange and support, stimulate coordination at the national level and facilitate collaboration at the EU level. 

First exploratory meeting

The Commission is organising a first exploratory meeting with European organisations interested in participating in a network of National Advisory Services responsible for coordinating or advising on the implementation of digital education policies. 

The first exploratory meeting will take place on October 28 2021, 14:00-16:15 Central European Summer Time (CEST). It will initiate a conversation at the EU level on the implementation of digital education policies.

Is your organisation interested in being part of the Network of National Advisory Services? Complete the application form to express your interest!


The network of National Advisory Services forms part of the Community of Practice established under the Digital Education Hub, a flagship initiative of the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027. 

The Hub aims to improve cooperation and exchange on digital education between European Union (EU) Member States and across all sectors of education and training within the EU. 

It will focus on the creation, promotion and engagement of a dynamic and committed digital education community. The Hub will be operational as of early 2022.

Published:  23 Sep 2021